Happiness Lives Here


Top 15 Activities

Walking trails: Old ski shack is 20 minutes, path around the building is 30 minutes

Ducks: Sitting by the pond and watching the ducks

Birding: Bird houses and feeders have been positioned around the grounds

Bird Feeders

Quick Trips: Take the van into town for shopping and Tim Hortons

SPCA: Join the group going to visit the SPCA just 10 minutes away

Reading & Relaxing: Enjoy our many couches and easy chairs in the sun

Pampering: Making beautiful hands/nails, each week

Treats: Baking cookies with the Chef

Games: Snooker, Darts, Foosball, Checkers, and many more games

Fun: Pinball contests

Bingo: Weekly Bingo games

Day Trips: Cruise aboard the Seguin

Music Cruise: Sunday Music Adventure on the barge

Music Trip: Visiting the music program event at Pinegrove Church